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We believe that travel is an important form of education: it challenges us to grow our comfort zones, learn new ways of thinking, and become more tolerant global citizens.

The Traveler’s PhD is an exclusive community open only to those who have traveled to 50 countries or more. Members join an active community of like-minded travelers, are invited to an exclusive once per year event, get issued credential badges for LinkedIn, and have access to travel perks.

Why join the
Traveler’s PHD?


Get access to our exclusive, world-class community of true travelers. Make friends, get travel advice from other experts like you, and share your experiences. We’ll even travel together once per year to an off-the-beaten-path destination.


Get recognized for the important education you’ve gained through traveling. Members are issued credential badges that can be shared on LinkedIn, social media, press kits, and on resumes. Members will also have access to cool swag.


Everyone likes perks. Members will have access to exclusive amenities ($100 credits, upgrades, etc.) at top hotels through our affiliate Bell & Bly Travel. We will also tap our community for insider travel info and make sure members are in the know.

About the
Traveler’s PHD

Hi there! I’m Sarah Groen – founder of The Traveler’s PhD. I am hugely passionate about travel and have amassed over 20 years of experience visiting nearly 100 countries and all 7 continents. I’ve stayed in some of the world’s best luxury hotels, backpacked from hostel to hostel, done language immersion programs, lived abroad, and more. I am an entrepreneur and successful travel advisor and have planned trips for clients all around the world.

My passion for travel led me to create The Traveler’s PhD. My personal “why” is to inspire more people to travel to more places – I believe it’s an effective way to spread tolerance and make the world a better place. At the same time, I personally wanted to join (but couldn’t find) a community of like-minded travelers to befriend, travel with, and learn from.

This community will do both – we’ll inspire younger generations to travel more and welcome them into the community as new thought leaders and friends. The Traveler’s PhD will also donate a portion of our proceeds to fund low-income students to study abroad.

Our Core Values

Value Relationships

It’s often said that we are the sum of the five people we interact with the most. Meaningful relationships can make all the difference in our lives, which is why we value these connections above all. By cultivating a community of like-minded, travel-inspired individuals, we create space to exchange ideas, support each other, learn new things, and grow to be better versions of ourselves.

Cultivate Adventure

Adventure is not always as grand as sailing solo around the world or climbing Mt. Everest. To us, adventure means pushing your limits, stepping outside your personal comfort zone, and going ahead even when you feel that fear creeping in. By choosing to be adventurous with our travel, we inevitably become more open, willing to jump at new opportunities, and appreciative of the things that matter most.

Always be Learning

At our core is the innate desire to evolve, to grow, to be better. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons we travel – opening ourselves to new people, places, and experiences yields deep knowledge. When we educate ourselves and share what we’ve learned with others, we contribute not only to our own growth but also to the growth of humanity. No matter where we are or what we’re doing, we always keep our eyes open for the opportunity to learn something new.

Services & Benefits


  • Connect with other highly experienced travelers – make new friends, find travel buddies, ask advice, organize local meetups, and more
  • Read and contribute to articles on interesting destinations
  • Watch webinars on interesting travel related topics and current events, or even interviews of other members
  • Receive an exclusive invitation to a yearly meet up in an interesting destination
  • Download The Traveler’s PhD travel guides, tips, favorite products, etc.


  • Receive a digital badge you can post on LinkedIn or other social media
  • Get access to members only swag to show off your membership
  • As the community grows, receive different badge levels within The Traveler’s PhD as you hit more milestones in your “travel career”

Perks & Discounts

  • The Traveler’s PhD will source perks and discounts on various travel related products
  • All members will have access to book Virtuoso hotels through our affiliate, Bell & Bly Travel
  • Virtuoso hotels typically offer $100 credit, upgrades on availability, free breakfast, and a VIP amenity
  • Gold level members will also receive two hours of travel consulting with Sarah and discounted planning fees through Bell & Bly Travel

What Next?

We are working behind the scenes to get everything ready to launch The Traveler’s PhD. Want to help speed up that process? Here’s two ways you can do your part:

Sign up for our e-mail list and send to friends and family who might be interested – we won’t launch until we have enough interest to make sure the community is valuable for our members.

Contact us by email if you’re interested in buying a membership before we launch. You’ll get a special discount, immediate access to Virtuoso hotel bookings, and access to the beta launch!


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